Why You Should Make The Move To Denver

Denver is a fun place to live and if you love the mountains, you will love living there because the mountains are just a short ride away. Denver has plenty to offer, including fantastic weather and a hot job market. There are also plenty of fun activities to keep you busy when you move to the mile high city.

Denver is consistently in the top five healthiest cities and best places to live categories. The obesity rate is low and some studies suggest that living at a high altitude extents the lifespan. It can get pretty hard to gain too much weight in Denver because there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy.

Denver is about 30 minutes away from the mountains and the city itself is packed with parks and an extensive city dedicated bike lane. Many people ride their bikes to work or downtown and all the green spaces encourage walking and jogging. You don’t even really need to join a gym because it is so easy to just walk to a park.

Denver has low property taxes and it also has reasonable state income taxes. The infrastructure has some expanding to do since so many people have been moving to Denver and the city is having a hard time keeping up with all the new residents. You will find that it gets pretty crowded in the mountains and the traffic can be a nightmare trying to get up to mountains on the weekend.

Parking and driving downtown can also be a bit of a nightmare, so if you can ride your bike or walk, you might be better off than driving. All the new residents make for a very exciting city and it feels like the city is creating itself. The food and craft beer scene is strong and there are lots of great restaurants and bars to explore.

Denver also has a strong art scene and there are lots of things happening in the visual, music and performing arts. Every weekend something exciting is going on downtown and with so many activities, it is hard to get bored in Denver. The weather is also pretty great most of the time and while it does get cold, the cold never lasts for too long and even when it snows, it melts off in just a few days. Denver is a great place to live.